Top five reasons why Drumnigh Montessori is a good fit for ex-pat families

Moving to Ireland from abroad? Drumnigh Montessori Primary School has so much to offer.


  1. Quality education in a true community

The most important reason ex-pat parents should choose Drumnigh Montessori Primary School is for the quality of the education we provide and for the warm, child-centred community created by our staff and families. Drumnigh delivers the national curriculum through authentic adherence to the Montessori method and the prepared environment. We are AMI (Association Montessori International) accredited, meaning we meet the highest quality standards of Montessori provision, and are one of only nine Montessori primary schools operating in the Republic. Montessori promotes self-directed learning; children work at their own pace and have a lot of choice, within limits, as to how and what they learn. The children work in an active social environment, moving freely around the classroom and interacting with children from different age groups, which gives them the opportunity to learn from older children and show leadership to younger children.

  1. A welcome for non-native English speakers

One in three of our children is bilingual and many of them do not speak English on their first day of school. Our directresses are accustomed to working with children whose first language is not English and are not fazed by it at all. As each child works at their own pace, your child will not be sitting aimlessly listening to a lecture but will work independently with the directress with self-correcting 3D materials that need few language skills. The social elements of the classroom give non-English speakers an opportunity to interact and improve their language skills.


  1. Diversity

One in three children in Drumnigh have a non-Irish parent. You can be assured that you will be part of an authentic Irish community, but one that is very welcoming to other cultures. This cultural diversity extends to our Board and staff. Equally, we find that our classroom environment and teaching method works well for children with extra support needs and we work with an applied behaviour analysis (ABA) consultant to assist children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in our classrooms. Lastly, as a destination school, more than 50% of our students come from outside our catchment area. This means that our classrooms are very socially diverse and this is very valuable to our school.


  1. Location, location, location

If you have just moved to Dublin or are planning the move, I bet you didn’t expect it to be quite so expensive! The good news is that North Dublin has the reputation of being a little less expensive, and is home to some of the most beautiful coastline in Ireland. It’s also close to Dublin airport, which makes escaping to your home country or collecting your visitors far easier!


  1. An International Outlook

Montessori is the fastest growing teaching and learning method for children across the globe. The universality of the scientifically and beautifully designed materials, and the considered and methodical approach to the prepared environment, means that when it is time to move home or on to another country, the transition will be relatively easy for your child. Rather than needing time to adapt to the abilities and progress set by a group of children of the same age, your child will be able to continue on from where they stopped and in an environment familiar to them.



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