Curious about how Montessori works for primary school? Watch this video.

So Drumnigh Montessori is more then just a pre-school. But what makes a Montessori Primary School special? This video produced by the American Montessori Society explores how Montessori works for children aged 6 plus. Montessori favoured mixed aged classrooms to and generally Montessori Primary Schools (known as elementary schools in the US) are divided into…

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Top five reasons why Drumnigh Montessori is a good fit for ex-pat families

Moving to Ireland from abroad? Drumnigh Montessori Primary School has so much to offer.   Quality education in a true community The most important reason ex-pat parents should choose Drumnigh Montessori Primary School is for the quality of the education we provide and for the warm, child-centred community created by our staff and families. Drumnigh…

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