Fee Structure

Primary School Fees

The annual fee for the 2017-2018 academic year is €3,350. If your child starts attending Drumnigh Montessori during the school year, the annual fee will be pro-rated accordingly. We offer a discount program for families with two or more children in the school. Fees cover your child’s attendance from 8.30am to 2.00pm Monday to Friday.

There are two school outings during the academic year. The cost of a school outing is €20.00 per outing and is charged separately if your child attends. There is no additional cost if your child does not attend the school outing. Please be aware that the cost of the school outing may not cover all transport costs in the event of hired transport being required, and an additional charge may be incurred.


After School Club

Socialisation is very much a part of our Montessori classroom. During the three-hour work cycle in our classrooms you will notice children interacting: Younger children inspired to do more advanced work by observing and learning from older ones and older children learning through teaching and helping younger ones.

However, we understand that it also important for your child to let loose and play! If your child is not already attending the extra tuition session, we offer your child two options of After School Club in which they have the opportunity for both unstructured and structured play.

 Option 1

Your child may avail of an extra one hour of unstructured play time plus packed lunch from home after the 12:00pm end to the school day. You may use this option one day per week up to five days per week.

 Option 2

Your child may avail of an extra two hours of unstructured play, packed lunch from home and a structured activity. The structured activities are rotated on a daily/weekly basis and include such things as art, physical education, music, etc. You may use this option one day per week up to five days per week.

In the case of both options above, please let us know in advance if you are going to use the service. We need to know how many children may be using the services so that we can appropriately schedule our staff.

The weekly charge for option 1 and option 2 depending on the number of days you wish to use the service is as follows:


No. of days used per week

Option 1



Option 2



1 € 7.50 € 15.00
2 €15.00 € 30.00
3 €17.50 € 35.00
4 €18.00 € 36.00
5 €20.00 € 40.00

ECCE Program Optional Additional Services

In addition to the free pre-school provision under the ECCE program, Drumnigh Montessori provides optional additional services for your child. There is no additional cost if your child does not avail of the optional additional services.


N.B. We have sibling discounts on all pricing if you have two or more children attending Drumnigh at the same time.